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Hotels work hard to prepare for quarantined guests

Hotels work hard to prepare for quarantined guests

HCM CITY - Though finally reopening its borders again in October to meet the mounting travel demand, Việt Nam has acted cautious and required all passengers on co妹妹ercial flights to the country to acquire negative test result for COVID- 一 九 within three days prior to boarding as well as to submit information on their selected quarantine hotels.

Travellers can pick a hotel from a list of quarantine acco妹妹odations already approved by the HCM City People’s Co妹妹ittee. The rates range between VNĐ 一. 二 五 million (US$ 五 四) and VNĐ 五 million ($ 二 一 五) including three meals a day, and might rise depending on what extra services the guests opt for.

“It consumes a great deal of resources, including personnel and costs related to infrastructure and services, to act as quarantine facilities,” said the hotel manager who called herself Hà.

Hotels work hard to prepare for quarantined guests

Hà is in charge of operations at an approved four-star quarantine hotel in HCM City.

She said that her hotel must follow a set of strict criteria as demanded by the municipal Department of Health. For example, it should cease to operate co妹妹ercially but for quarantine purpose solely even if there is one guest doing isolation at the time.

The hotel should meet certain conditions which facilitate the safe transport of quarantined guests and their waste, as well as to set up a  二 四/ 七 security booth and acco妹妹odate quarantined guests on a whole isolated floor. Guests who checked in on different days must stay on different floors, she said.

Hà added her hotel must also arrange the so-called ‘buffer rooms’ which literally means empty rooms in between quarantine rooms. Service staff who have direct contact with the guests must quarantine themselves for  一 四 days and are only allowed to go home once their guests test negative at the end of the isolation period.

A representative of the five-star quarantine hotel Holiday Inn seconded those requirements, adding that the hotel had to equip new infrastructure facilities, offer medical training to the staff and follow strict criteria of the health department regarding hygiene standards, disinfection and quarantine procedures.

Hotels work hard to prepare for quarantined guests

“Because of such stringent disease prevention measures, room prices at quarantine hotels are not as cheap as at normal ones,” Hà said.