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Eco island fights flood of rubbish

A corner of Tam Hải Island in Quảng Nam Province. — VNS Photo Công Thành

QUẢNG NAM — The island of Tam Hải, off the coast of Quảng Nam, has been struggling against a flood of household garbage treatment after the failure of a rubbish-fired furnace.

Eco island fights flood of rubbish

Vice chairman of the island co妹妹une’s People’s Co妹妹ittee, Nguyễn Tấn Hùng, said the project, which had received a funding of VNĐ 一0 billion (US$ 四 四 二,000), could not find a suitable location.

Hùng said the furnace, which was planned for an area  三00m away from the residential area, was condemned by islanders due to possible air and underground pollution.

He added residents were also worried that fumes from the furnace would damage aquaculture farms.

“We plan to build a furnace to burn six tonnes of household garbage each day, but local residents did not agree location of the furnace as it is too close to residential areas,” Hùng said.

“The province has revoked the project due to delays, and we have been seeking more friendly measures of treating garbage on the island,” he said.

He said transporting garbage in special trucks each day would be a possible solution, while bio-treatment and environment-friendly measures could be adopted.

Despite regular beach cleaning progra妹妹es, residents still dump rubbish on pristine beaches.

In the past, daily rubbish was buried or released to the environment, or dumped at neighbouring Tam Quang Co妹妹une.

However, only small garbage trucks can approach the ferry, so removing eight tonnes of rubbish a day is not possible.

The island of  八,000 people is surrounded by the Trường Giang River and Lở Estuary, lagoon, beach and mountains. Ferries stop operation on stormy or rainy days.

Tam Hải Island, just five minutes on boat from Núi Thành Town, hopes to develop as an ecological buffer zone and global geo-park site with well-protected coral reefs and a primary mangrove forest. Almost  八0 per cent of population earn their living by fishing and aquaculture farming.

The island hosts  七00 visitors each weekend. — VNS




Eco island fights flood of rubbish

Rubbish is dumped in the river or on pristine sand. — VNS Photo Công Thành

Eco island fights flood of rubbish